Live Now Life Counseling

Life Counseling in San Diego



Miracles happen when we get out of our own way. 

​Steve Emig is happy to offer "Live Now" Life Counseling in San Diego as well as Homeopathy in San Diego.  This unique counseling therapy can be done in conjunction with homeopathic treatment or separate from it.  Live Now therapy is an alternative to psychology, psychiatry, spiritual counseling, family counseling, life coaching, mental health counseling, conventional counseling, life coaching, and success counseling.  

The essence of Live Now counseling is to guide the patient to begin living from intuition and their innate knowing rather than from the voice inside the head; the thinking.  Life becomes simpler and easier when the mind becomes quieter.  Psychological and emotional disorders begin to disappear when the patient sees that it is the thinking (and not the patient) that has the problem, that causes the problem, and that is the problem.

The Live Now process is a series of office or phone consultations.  Advice, techniques and guidance are given to enable the patient to see the difference between the thinking and their own true nature.  The process does not require hours of meditation and isolation.  It is designed to become part of the patient's normal daily work and play life. The length of treatment depends on the depth of the individual's imbalance. 

 The Live Now method was developed by William Al Mejia.  Steve Emig has trained with Al for over 35 years while going through the Live Now process himself.  Information about Al Mejia and Live Now is available on the web site:
 Fees for Life Counseling are $100.00/office visit.  Most Live Now work is done through phone consultations also billed at $100.00/hour, however, sessions are commonly 20 minutes long and those are billed at 1/3rd of the hourly fee or $33.33.