Homeopathy for mental illness in San Diego

 Mental Illness

Homeopathy has been used to cure physical and mental illness for over 200 years.  It is increasing in popularity now because it works without dangerous side effects and without suppressing symptoms  with medication.  This site is an effort to bring this very effective form of natural, holistic and alternative medicine to areas that are currently under served by the homeopathic community.  These areas are:

 Addiction - Drug and alcohol, prescription drugs, gambling, eating disorders.

 Mental Health - Depression, Autism, Anxiety, PTSD, mental illness and emotional disorders.

 Adult Criminal Behavior 

All of the above are complex issues, but at the center of each one is a deep imbalance that acts as a barrier to a person's progress in life.  Classical  Homeopathy, unlike any other therapy, can correct the imbalance permanently and remove the barrier to a person's success.  Homeopathy works well in place of or in conjunction with conventional medicine and conventional psychiatric, psychological and counseling therapies.  It also works well with AA and NA 12 step programs, conventional detox and conventional rehabilitation and recovery services.