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Conditions being treated: Autism, Schizophrenia, Paranoia, Bipolar, and Depression (For my daughter).

Gouty-arthritis, High blood pressure, Highcholesterol 
Digestive problem (Gallstone, Peptic Ulcers, Hyperacidity Sinusitis, Migraine, Increased forgetfulness and Weight gain  (For myself and my three girls)

My letter of testimony:
       I am so grateful and thankful that I ran into Steve Emig, otherwise my daughter would still be taking psycho-medication to help her behavior and emotional problems - among the issues of being “High-Functioning Autistic”.  Since her birth, I  noticed my daughter’s abnormal behavior, and during routine check ups for her, I informed the doctor of the behavior.  The doctor was convinced, and a referred her to a neurologist for evaluation.  When my daughter started school at six years old, it was noted that she had problems learning.  The school did various tests to evaluate my daughter to see if she qualified for Special Education.  She was evaluated with having a Learning Disability in 1989. With the help of the school, my daughter was placed with a teacher, one-to-one, who specialized in speech therapy and other learning activities to help her to learn. Eventually, she was doing fairly well and making A’s and B’s.  As she matured and under went different changes in puberty, she started to show difficulty in social-interaction with her peer group.  Six months prior to her senior year graduation, everything broke loose and she was admitted to a Behavioral Center for two weeks. She became very hostile and paranoid.  Before she was admitted to the hospital, I noticed a few signs, and I attempted to ask my daughter if she was all right, but she would reply, “I’ll be fine mom.” There was also a great decline in her academics. After this episode, her life changed.  Her comprehension, emotions and state of mind were altered.  When she was discharged, she was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, BI-polar, Paranoia and Depression.  She was put on mental medication to keep her calm. They could not diagnose her as an Autistic because it was only documented as  “ Autistic like Behavior”.  My daughter was not able to function like a normal young adult so I had to seek help.  I had to find a clinical psychologist to properly diagnose her condition in order to get help, so she could live a life of independence.  I was a very desperate mother, trying anything to help my daughter.  It was due to faith that I ran into Steve Emig, November 2002, who practices Classical Homeopathy.  Because my daughter had such fear of men, Steve decided that his colleague, Suzanne, would do the intake.  After Steve evaluated my daughter’s condition, he found a Homeopathic Remedy to treat her mental and behavioral problem.  Her condition has gradually improved and she is now able to go back and finish high school.  She has not had much hostile behavior or depression like she used to, no suicidal thoughts as side effects of the mental medication and her thoughts and thinking and behavior have improved greatly.  She is able to concentrate on her studies.  She attends Palomar College in order to complete the Transition Program for Disabled Adults.  She is currently on a Classical Homeopathic Remedy and continues to get better every day.
      Since my autistic daughter was doing so well,  I started a homeopathic remedy in order to treat my Gouty-arthritis, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Gallstone signs and Symptoms, and increased forgetfulness as well.  (My father was diagnosed with early signs of Alzheimer’s disease before he died last 2001.)  My thought process and memory are much better.  My joint pain, swelling, cholesterol level, and gallstone signs and symptoms are disappearing.  My three girls also continue to feel better.  Their sinus problems have improved, especially this summer, along with the other conditions listed above.  Since the outcome of the Classical Homeopathic treatment  progressed so well, I recommended it to the mother of the full-blown “Autistic” and Diabetic child that I take care off.  After much thought, she decided to see Steve.  The child has been on a Remedy now for about a year and I see the changes in his behavior and thought processes daily.  The school for disabled children was ecstatic because he is now able to focus on his schoolwork and sit for longer periods compared to his behavior before the remedy.  His mother enjoys taking him now to see movies and even take him on rides at the recent San Diego Del Mar Fair 2005.  I could go on forever about the many positive experiences that I have had since discovering homeopathic treatment.

                                          Mrs. F. Walker

                                          Vista, CA 92081



I have known Steve Emig for several years now. He is a remarkable individual. Not only 
knowledgeable in his field but with an uncanny knack for understanding the human 
condition, he provides, in life counseling, an invaluable service for those of us with 
psychological, emotional, and social needs.

I met Steve while working with my great-uncle, Al Mejia. Al, Steve, I, and others,
share a warmth and concern for bettering humanhood. I recommend to those close to
me, including family and close friends, consulting Steve Emig with their health and 
psychosocial needs. Steve has helped me immensely with my issues related to anxiety,
both through counseling and homeopathy. I am deeply grateful.

Jesse Rodriguez

I used to suffer from severe depression, often not being able to function and accomplish the simplest tasks.  I had infrequent small spurts where I gained some clarity, peace and sanity, but for the most part my world was dismal, hopeless and sad. 

I finally was put on prescription medications, but the psychotropic drugs were only able to go so far in treating my symptoms and I still had severe ups and downs.
I was looking for other ways to improve my condition and came across Steve Emig when I did a google search.

I am very fortunate I found Steve. He found just the right homeopathic remedy for me that I could take alongside with my prescription medication. I also started to use his "Live Now" tools and they hugely improved my life quality.

I was finally able to make the necessary life changes for the better and I was capable of accomplishing things I thought were unattainable for me.
Today I am productive, clear, joyful and alive most of the time.

I learned through my process of recovery, that it is important to stay patient, persistent and open minded.

I can highly recommend Steve Emig. He is an adept homeopath; very professional, present and very kind.
Helen K.

 Our 20 year old son was struggling with many issues, from addiction to depression to low self esteem. When I found Steve it was out of a real desperation to find help for our son. Steve offered a drug-free approach to life and mental health. Steve has been working with our son for the past 4+ months and we have all seen small but steady improvements. Our son is getting real tools to deal with life, which at first were very foreign and strange, but he trusted Steve and we are so fortunate to have had Steve's influence and counseling. We are close to completing his culinary education and look forward to an opportunity for our son to really experience a full and abundant life. Thanks Steve. We appreciate you.  Sharon E.


Steve: So Denise, you've been doing Live Now for about a year, would you be willing to give any advise or suggestions to someone just starting out?

Denise: Yes. I will share. First, Keep Going. No matter what is happening in your life, just keep doing what you need to do. For myself, at first, and for awhile, as I was observing the thoughts, so that I could recognize the patterns, it seemed overwhelming. But then, I was able to see that the brain was the one causing the feelings of being overwhelmed. As you observe what is happening in the brain, you come to see how much of your life is being taken away from You by the thoughts. As I continued to talk to the brain and let it know that I was absolutely great without all of its chatter about my life, it became more and more easy to catch the thoughts right away. As Steve says, "it takes what it takes". As I continue, I am able to live my life without the brain coming in and attempting to decide for me. I am much more able to live based on my intuitive feelings about things. 
Have a wonderful day!

Steve: Thanks for your input Denise. How does is feel to not have the thoughts running things all the time?

Denise: It feels great! It feels natural and I feel like I am just being and doing. There is something that happens where I am able to see and be more of "me" without all the expectations and ideas that the brain wants to throw at me.


You Don't Have to be an Orphan to Feel Abandoned
An article by Steve Emig HHP, MCH

I was speaking with my friend Sharon, recently, about her visit with her terminally ill father.  Her father had made her so miserable during their last visit that she wasn't sure she would ever be able to see him again.   The pain in her face was evident when she described how easy it was for her father to "push her buttons" and hurt her.  As we talked, she was only able to give me a sketchy picture of her early life.  Sharon's birth was not planned; much less desired.  Her father left her mother to marry another woman before Sharon was born.  Sharon's mother emotionally abandoned her soon after Sharon's birth.  Sharon spent most of her child hood growing up in foster homes or with other relatives.  She has been living her life, in one way or another, in a constant search for approval from her father.  She feels that if she is perfect maybe her father will love her.  Naturally, he never does, and this is the "button" of rejection and abandonment that gets pushed whenever she visits him.   Sharon feels like an "orphan" even though she has two birth parents.  Sharon and I could only speak for a short time.  I gave her some advice on how to talk with her father while protecting her "buttons", but I couldn't help thinking that what she really needed was a good homeopathic remedy.

As a practicing homeopath, I often feel like I know this wonderful secret.  I have to be careful how I reveal it to people because homeopathy doesn't explain (or pronounce) easily.  Homeopathic remedies tend to work at the deepest levels first.  So, a well chosen homeopathic remedy would quickly give Sharon relief from her feelings of abandonment around her father and from the depression that follows those feelings.  She would be able to talk with him and not feel so vulnerable to his rejection.  The single remedy would address all of her symptoms. So, over time, it would correct her adult onset Diabetes and her thyroid imbalance.  She would need less and less medication for those conditions until she would no longer need any medication at all.  After a time, Sharon would still have memories of her childhood, but the painful feelings of hurt and abandonment would dim and eventually become difficult to even remember.

Feeling like an orphan is just one of many common themes (or remedy states) in homeopathic practice.  I often see it in adults.  Like Sharon, they have felt like orphans since birth.  The most common remedies to treat this state are homeopathic preparations of magnesium.  Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body to bring itself back into balance.  It is only after homeopathic preparation that the healing quality of the magnesium is made available to the body so it can correct the "orphan" state.  Nutritional magnesium works physiologically and will not work deep enough to treat this state.  The curative potential of magnesium was discovered by an American pioneer in homeopathy: James Tyler Kent.  By using the remedy, Magnesia cabonica, he was able to save infant orphans from the slow decline and death from marasmus in the orphanage he was working at in the late 1800s.  It is possible that Sharon needs a magnesium remedy as well.  She would need to go through the classical homeopathic intake process, however, to determine exactly which remedy she needs.

I have used Sharon as an example to show the depth at which homeopathy works.  It is capable of correcting a central disturbance often resulting from a severe stress occurring early in life.  If not corrected, individuals will carry this imbalance around for the rest of their lives.  If the affected people are able to adapt to the imbalances (compensate), it may not seem to affect their lives very much.  The state may even stimulate these people to achieve great things out of an effort to over compensate for what they are feeling deep inside.  More commonly, the imbalances reduce the individuals' success in life in some way.  At some point the imbalances may begin to cause physical or mental symptoms to develop.  Severe physical or mental pathology, addictive or criminal behavior can result in susceptible individuals.  These symptoms are usually treated medically.  The medications don't correct the underlying state of imbalance and only suppress or palliate the symptoms.  Often deeper symptoms result from medical suppression.  For example: cortisone cream is used to treat a simple case of eczema and then a new case of asthma develops after the cortisone treatment. Depression or anxiety can follow corticosteroid treatments.

Homeopathy is capable of correcting the central disturbance that is at the bottom of all pathology.  The physical and mental symptoms permanently disappear as the imbalance is corrected.